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vive la fitness

mke first latino gym

Welcome to Vive la Fitness - MKE Southside first latino gym.

At Vive la Fitness we're about more than just fitness. We're a family - a family supported by a team of coaches and staff, each dedicated to offering guidance and support to you, every day. Here, inside the Vive la Fitness walls, things are different. Cheers are louder, smiles are bigger and expectations are higher. That's why you'll be able to do a little more, move a little faster and stick with it a little longer.


You don't have to be in top shape to start! We love introducing people who haven't exercised in years to what we do. We teach people how to move well, which keeps them injury-free and inspired to continue pursuing their health and fitness goals.

The long-term result is some amazingly fit people. But just because you see some very fit people coming through our doors doesn't mean they all started that way.


Start today with a free class!

What shall I expect?

At Vive la Fitness, we offer 1 hour high-intensity classes all-day long. Each class incorporates a variety of exercises including power weightlifting, gymnastics, body-weight movements, running, rowing and many other elements.

Fitness. Community. Results.



Members. Community. Words.


Madrigal Isaa

An unparalleled experience, with great comfort
Certified trainers a teamwork space. A complete gym that will leave you breathless and with good results.


Rafael Diaz

I recommend the gym 100% a very pleasant atmosphere with very good vibes, very clean the trainers Sonia and Victor I am very professional and very good people!


Argelia Perez

My wife and I decided to try something to change and improve our lifestyle, do something that helps our health and why not, also our body.. Sonia and Victor make this process fun and drives us more to complete the routines.

Your turn. Let's start!

Contact Us.

Thanks for contacting us!

Don't worry - we won't let you give up - we'll work with you to achieve the results you want for your body and health.


Helping you shape your life.

Join now!​

Vive la Fitness

1920 W Mitchell St.

Milwaukee, WI 53204

(414) 763-6456

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