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Vive La Fitness Health
Nutritional Tips
Personal Training

Vive la Fitness was founded with the intention to make people conscious about their and their community’s health in a fun way through the different exercises and programs that we offer.


We professionally guide our clients through the process of improving their nutrition so an ideal weight can be achieved.

We offer FREE health talks once a month where we share with our clients tips on how to nourish their body.

Vive la Fitness has a professional expert on staff who will be helping, from the first day, to create the nutrition plan that is customized to you to help you achieve your ideal weight.

You, our client, deserve the best and that is why Vive la Fitness offers personal training with certified trainers that are also bilingual.


That way, whether you speak English or Spanish, you will feel comfortable speaking in the language that you prefer.

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At Vive La Fitness, we are very pleased that you are now part of a great team of professionals at your service.


All our efforts, focused on your staying in VIVE LA FITNESS, are comfortable, friendly, and pleasant. Let us help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself. Paying attention to the exercises and receiving the healthy nutrition advice, soon you will be seeing and feeling stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.


"Success is the sum of small, consistent steps day by day."


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Sincerely, Live The Fitness

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Contact Us

1920 W Mitchell St Milwaukee, WI 53204

Tel: 414-763-6456
Cell: 414-377-2997

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