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In VIVE LA FITNESS we have modern equipment for your exercises and, what is more important, we have a select team of certified professional trainers that will allow you to have the confidence to achieve your objectives easily.



Vive la Fitness counts with the best professional certified trainers who will assess and assist you from the first day so you can easily integrate into the routine. You will also receive professional help so you can achieve your health objectives and maintain a healthy weight.


Vive la Fitness, thinking about your personal and family wellness, has a professional nutritionist on staff who will guide you through the diet that is the most adequate having your eating habits in mind. 


The nutritionist will also be sharing valuable educational information about the nutritional value of different foods to either lose or gain weight, depending on what your goal is.



At Vive la Fitness, we inform our clients about the best way to maintain a healthy body:

We measure our clients on the following zones: chest, waist, and hips. These zones are also associated with being factors in metabolic risk.

For example, to determine your body mass index, we multiply our weight by itself and divide it by your height in meters.



This method allows us to calculate body fat on each person in function of their body measures. When we obtain this information, we can avert health problems, especially metabolic diseases.



Our experts at Vive la Fitness will help you keep a record of your fitness progress and weight, and we will help you choose options to help you improve your life style and to carry out the best exercised to achieve your goals. We will also guide you so you can keep a record of the food you consume day to day.



A nutrition guide will help you achieve your goals. Our professional nutritionist will help you prepare a customized schedule to ensure that each person consumes food depending on their culinary preferences, work schedule and other personal necessities.



This service will help you distinguish muscular mass versus body fat that is part of the body composition and will help you determine if you are over or under weight. The percentage of body fat depends on age, your sex, weight and life style.

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